The experience of over 35 years washing vehicles


Over these 35 years we have been able to work and learn from large and small global sector factories provided solutions to clients of all types in service stations, gas stations, car dealerships, laundry... and in different countries. And although a priori it may seem, no two customers are alike .

Our customers are witnessing the transformation over time has been the industry's Car Wash and requires continuous training and experience to continue to evolve and adapt to be competitive with our competition.

When together the experiences of customers at street level with the pursuit of excellence understand that success is the union of several aspects and products that not always all companies are able to appreciate and be transmitted or less.

Understanding and controlling all areas that this business has is the road to success. That is why EYNA has always had a necessary and continuous adaptation to market changes constantly while methods and has provided solutions that have allowed us to set a style.

In this way we have always tried to provide our customers with innovation as differential fact own distinctive technology with the best possible quality without neglecting the necessary balance with the economic aspect.

We deal with suppliers worldwide in countries like Germany, USA, Canada, Italy, France, China, Japan... Always to meet the needs that customers ask us and making us partakers of their projects where they coincide in finding a reliable product with a simple and small maintenance services unit without exclusive after-sales -brand exclusive and providing leading technology and the road has been, is and will be our philosophy.

Today we offer an unrivaled range of trend -setting products own washing systems without fast and powerful contact, bridges of different washing, washing ultra rapid unmanned systems , various models of washing... Unique boxes and more. Even in our team we have engineers that allow us to create machines that are specifically adapted to the needs of each client whether or not the car wash itself.

On the other hand, have high rating training courses that EYNA provides worker , managers and owners of facilities that let you know to make the most of the washing facilities on par with more technical knowledge which carries over capacity economically billing laundry center.

In this step we try to be more influential supplier Belanger thanks to its innovations have enabled the sector to move in an unknown path so that at first is a review of other brands then becomes a pattern to follow. EYNA But since we can not forget all those other unknown suppliers that allow us to manufacture equipment and components without which there would have been possible to get here.

We propose to put us to the test. Tell us what you are looking for, you need and we will answer you with a reliable product for many years with low maintenance, with a high capacity for work and a good price.