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It is a group that manufactures and markets products and specialized machinery for washing all types of vehicles present in over 30 countries and 4 continents.

All kinds of machinery for both automatic and manual cleaning of all types of vehicles and spare parts and after-sales service.
The location is central to the success of this business. We recommend a busy area for vehicles, easy access and exit. Especially interesting are avenues and corners or agglomeration or commercial vehicle dealers or singular or attraction centers. You also have to consider the car park location and surrounding population to which to mount the sink.
At least a size of about 150 m is required. for good circulation of vehicles and space to work comfortably. The home must have drains to drain all the water and mud from vehicles.
Current centers integrate traditional services such as washing exterior body and interior, upholstery cleaning, polishing, washing motor or chassis with more advanced services that allow other lines of business such as workshop area, accessory shop cars or bar - cafeteria. The important thing is to define what kind of washing we offer to the public as what price, taking into account the deficiencies in the service offered by the competition.
Depending on the type of organization we want to mount to provide staff or just someone to manage the collection and Admin. The process of exterior washing and interior and can be automatic or manual self. As in any business have qualified personnel to perform the tasks of washing is part of the guarantee of success in business, so from Eyna car wash offer training courses to help ensure an effective form of work and proper use of equipment.
A laundry center should work throughout the year unless weather conditions such as rain or snow prevent this some days. Generally the busiest weekends and holidays occurs is when people have more time.
Labor if one type of utility function chosen, rental and administrative expenses of any company.
They are totally proportional to the work done so should never worry. Are water, electricity, chemicals and machinery maintenance.



As reflected in our web to assemble a manual laundry need a water pressure washer, chemical applicators, vacuum cleaners and upholstery cleaning machine with injection - extraction at least from there the more services we want to offer more machines or chemists.
The self - service are independent tracks washes with soap and water operating in a high pressure 80 bar, the more public it need more tracks, which can be from 1 until they are needed. Each bay is capable of washing an average of 6 cars per hour. If looking for something faster or new years cleaning machines are used to step to allow for washing the car driving inside a tunnel wash it possible to wash 40 cars in 1 hour
Today there are a wide range of different machines depending on the service we want to offer and get the speed you want. The last washing machines are contactless and automatically high pressure car wash and dry with a production of 10 to 25 vehicles washed in 1 hour, but there are also washing bridges with three or up to 5 wash brushes between 10 and 25 cars at the time too, and if we look for the best wash as quickly as possible would have to opt for a car wash getting automate all washing processes with speeds up to 150 vehicles in 1 hour