They are an essential complement to any wash facility, our vacuum cleaners give you more value and benefit due to its high capacity for work and its attractive design and customizable.


With the concept of high quality Eyna put in mind, all our vacuum cleaners can be single or three phase with several different models available and are manufactured in 304 stainless steel for durability. The box is inaccessible collections at the hands of others, the hose diameter is twice the habitual, the filtration area is greater than exists in a vacuum cleaner, auto engines are cooled, purse and timer is customizable, has several colors to choose...


Also there are a variety of machines that will help raise the revenue in the center of passively as washing machines are specific chemical applicators for wheels or crystals, or paper wipes dispensers, multiservice cleaning vacuum cleaners upholstery or air fresheners or our exclusive cleaning and drying machine auto mats, 10 seconds left in the new pad!

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