Three phase vacuum cleaner self service

Three phase vacuum cleaner self service

We have two three-phase models of vacuum cleaners with two different designs to suit your style, but have been manufactured with the same technical characteristics are high performance and require little maintenance.

Made from solid stainless steel resistant motors include high security and purses, which will definitely will enhance the cleaning business.



  • Built in stainless steel 304 (body only weighs 57 kg).
  • Available in 2 finishes, square or round type (identical pumping).
  • Bold graphics to promote the service to customers.
  • 3-phase motor KW standard on the 2 models.
  • Box Purse with opening of the gateway telescopically.
  • Digital wallet which allows the use of up to 6 different coins or tokens and simultaneous.
  • Internal PLC that manages time and work with counters and totals.
  • Possibility to connect to the left or right vacuum hose.
  • Lateral support hose.
  • Gateway into the vacuum cleaner with special lock.
  • Upper and lower door sealed with rubber gaskets.
  • Internal automatic safety switch.
  • System start-up engines progressively (lowest power).
  • Separate compartments for the wallet and the dirt collection space and motors.



  • Ability to function with magnetic key in each vacuum.
  • Magnetic key reader to recharge in the change machine.
  • Refueling machine magnetic key to inner space (bench).