Automatic carpet clean with dryer

Automatic carpet clean with dryer

The Extractomat is the latest innovation from Eyna on machines that clean rugs. Brush, wash and dry the mats of vehicles in no time. Can be cleaned without problems as rubber mats carpet, using the most appropriate program based on a final finish getting dirt attractive, an automatic and fast.

The Extractomat provides an extraction of all water and moisture from carpets after washing and brushing with soap and water, producing a dry carpet almost 100%. 

In the process of washing soap is applied specifically for textile surfaces, is scrubbed with a nylon brush and then handle the powerful engine to "suck" most of the humidity of the mats.

With its unique cleaning system, this unit is the fastest and most effective market to wash and dry (yes dry) both textiles and plastic mats in less than 10 seconds per mat.


The Extractomat offers the following options:

  • Wash and remove the moisture from carpets and textiles as rubber, PVC or mixed.
  • The chemical applied surface cleans and removes odors and bacteria.
  • Provides dry cleaning and brushing removes the internal vacuum sand and gravel.
  • Operation using coins, tokens or manually.


Easy controls:

  • A simple switch controls the operation of the machine. And a solenoid valve controls the flow of water and soap. 



  • Construction: Stainless Steel
  • Size: 104 cm x 70 cm deep x 101 wide.
  • Water Needed: 1/2 "
  • Weight: 210 kg
  • Power: 220 V single phase.
  • Drying: Using absorbent sponge rollers and vacuum motors.