Wheel chemical applicator

Wheel chemical applicator

There are 2 models of chemical applicator machines for tires and wheels with two different designs to suit your style. They are made from 304 stainless steel and high security wallets.




  • Built in stainless steel with separate compartments between the wallet and the rest.
  • Available in 2 sizes and finishes, type smaller or larger rectangular and spherical head.
  • Rear doors, top and bottom with different keys.
  • Bold graphics to promote the service to customers.
  • Purse Box with door opening telescopically access (in the larger model).
  • Digital wallet which allows the use of up to 6 different coins or tokens and simultaneous.
  • Internal PLC manages time and work with counters and totals.
  • Gateway into the vacuum cleaner with special lock.
  • Upper and lower door sealed with rubber gaskets.
  • Internal automatic safety switch.
  • System start-up engines progressively (lowest power).
  • Metal metering pump 90 W.




  • Ability to function with magnetic key in each vacuum.
  • Magnetic key reader to recharge in the change machine.
  • Refueling machine magnetic key to inner space (bench).
  • Automatic hose reel.