Dryer self service

Dryer self service


With this patented swing arm is possible to dry in a few minutes after passing a vehicle for laundering tracks. It uses a powerful jet of hot air that effortlessly and safely stop the vehicle completely dry without using cloths or chamois or paper which can sometimes damage the paintwork or leave lint remains well be more cumbersome and slow to dry the car.

Its design is simple and easy so it requires no maintenance and is a convenient way for customers dry.

Thanks to the arrangement and protection from the elements of the machine can work in any environmental condition.

The vertical pole incorporates within it all the parts necessary for operation, occupying as little space as a vacuum cleaner.

The purse is anti lever and you can either use coins as tokens, activation starts when the nozzle is disengaged from the support that keeps the subject.

The flexibility and lightness of the hose allows easy access to all parties by his arm with 360 degree movement and ergonomics ensures a perfect diffuser drying at each point.

The engine and the turbine are in the upper part away from the human hand and are protected against moisture in addition to being particularly quiet in operation.

The support column of the drying system for cleaning tracks can be installed so that coverage to two vehicles.

It is the perfect complement to wash those tracks still do not have a drying system and with minimal investment that can have an extra service for customers.

It is a cost-effective, clean, fast and easy to use that even many washing facilities are not offering. Works on self-service and requires no maintenance other than to coin collecting.

Your customers will appreciate it and is much more profitable than a vacuum cleaner!


Drying equipment characteristics:


  • Height: 230 cm
  • 360 ° swing arm
  • 3 KW motor with silencer
  • Electronic purse for coins of 0.50, 1 and 2 €
  • It can operate in the open air without any enclosure.
  • Dry before other systems because the extracted air is hot.
  • Average power consumption of 0.35 Euros per vehicle.