Ecologic steam self service

Ecologic steam self service


The steam can clean the body and windows of cars with only 3 glasses of water against the 11 or 13 liters per minute of the conventional high-pressure boxes.

Steam enters the microscopic pores of the body and can remove dirt and debris from the wax where current cleaning systems fail.

This new washing system to clean the exterior and interior of vehicles using the same technology and machine.

Thanks to steam technology can also disinfect and degrease cleaning.

The steam removes odors, even in the air conditioning vents.

We use RO water to wash that dried lime leaves no marks. By using micro fiber cloths always remains mostly dry.

Cleaning the glass is fast and perfect finishes.

Removes paint surface by friction of other vehicles.

No residual waste contaminants.

Water consumption is very low.

It was found that there is a greater benefit for each Euro raised.

The costs of maintenance and repairs are priceless.

No civil or licenses required to install this system of washing, and that as no discharges are not necessary environmental permits.

In addition to 100% complementary to any existing washing center.


All these reasons make this green machine at one point to the very profitable car wash.


Features of ecological washing machine:


  • Steam generator phase.
  • Automatic charging system, control panel low voltage.
  • Digital hour meter instrument.
  • Stainless steel boiler with removable resistance.
  • Sensor internal electro-mechanical level in the boiler.
  • Nominal pressure 6 bar.
  • Production of steam 97 g / min.
  • Temperature 165 ° C.
  • Power 3.65 kW.
  • Boiler capacity 5 L.
  • Water tank 6 L.
  • Automatic loading.
  • Container frame made of stainless steel AISI 304, with waterproof IPX5.
  • Continuous production of dry steam (saturated steam).
  • Gun, lance and hose 10 m. JULY model steam. (HIGH SECURITY).
  • Ground water treatment by reverse osmosis.
  • RO equipment 5 stages, for the production of water with a low salt content, free of viruses and chemical contaminants.
  • Filtration + CTO + RO membrane dechlorination, + in-line activated carbon.
  • Automatic equipment without electricity.
  • Dispensing spout chrome faucet long.
  • 2 tanks of 25 liters capacity each, for accumulation of osmotic water.
  • Measures 500 x 500 x 150 mm. 


Technical data:


  • Box-like structure built in cleaning stainless steel AISI 304 or galvanized steel and painted white. A customer's choice. Suitable for outdoor use. Easily dismantled for transport.
  • 180 degrees swivel arm, height (2,500. - Mm) and length (2,000. - Mm) in stainless steel AISI 304.
  • Steam Generator Steam Box model with automatic reload and stainless steel body with waterproof protection level IPX5.
  • Power connection with 220 V voltage.
  • Start switch and switch heating steam boiler (inner box).
  • 1 coin selector. - €.
  • Digital counter currency inviolable logic controller Millenium III.
  • Adjustable timer logic controller Millenium III.
  • Triple lock anchor of safety.
  • Light during the time of user management (light green).
  • Light due to lack of water (red light).
  • Panel with protection of the machine and operator.
  • Three possible feeds water network or direct connection of osmotic water network, through portable decanter 25 L. or with optional internal reverse osmosis plant and connected to the network.