Chemical products

Besides the work of the machines and personnel would be unthinkable for a good result in the cleanup of any part without thinking of the chemical we use, it determines the final finish is highlighted not only a good cleaning, but a brightness copy and to have done in record time for our client.

That is why we work with companies for over 100 years and 210 employees in Germany manufactures products for use in automatic washing systems and manuals for cars and trucks across Europe. 

The Eyna product is recognized by all those who tried it, and so among its clients are the likes of oil: Agip, BP, Dea, Elf, Esso, Fina, Mobil, Shell, Tamoil, Total... etc.

Just as major car manufacturers such as BMW, Mercedes Benz - Chrysler, Volkswagen - Audi ... etc.

The secret formula Eyna is the relentless pursuit during this time of chemical formulas that offer high quality and made with concentrated products that enable customers to avoid having to store large quantities in stock, and also able to save on costs per vehicle using very low doses of each product.

Among our products, there is the highest range in quality, which is identified by the symbol Car care, these products are part of 11 years (when presented at Automechanika), a revolution because they offer finishes on vehicles do increase about 15% more turnover.

All products are registered with all government agencies, and we are protected by the ISO 9001, I.s.o. 9002 and I.s.o. 14001 certified by the strict TÜV cert that rewards us about the way you work, the seriousness in the care of the environment and a production of consistent quality in our products.

Among the wide range of products we have found most commonly in the washing facilities: 

  • Prewash Soaps (Remove mosquitoes, tires...)
  • Wash Soap (High Pressure, to brushes)
  • Active Foam (with odor, color...)
  • Wax (quick drying, hard water...)
  • Brightness, or Sparkling waxes (for scrubbed)
  • Degreasers (emulsifiers or soap)
  • Special cleaning acids (aluminum, cement...
  • Flocculants and Disinfectants (water treatment)
  • Interior of vehicles (upholstery, plastics, glass...)