Conveyor tunnel

The tunnels of Eyna and Belanger are committed to create the best possible washing system . Gathering information from users, customers and dealers with an annual investment of several million Euros in research and development allows us to continually offer better washing in the world , having more than 85 patents, some famous as the use of soft textile for washing cars was invented after the request of Ford Motor Company to create a machine to wash their cars without grate over 40 years ago...

And our trains or tunnels wash developed to maintain combine ease of use and simplicity in daily repair making it a unique and attractive to the customers. Manufactured in 6061 , the same used in the construction of aircraft for its great strength, longevity and ease of cleaning , even after several years still look new.

All our systems are modular , allowing the customer to grow as your business demands , can be adapted to any type of location or measures, or even other machines running smoothly manufacturers of mechanical, electrical or electronic compatibility.

Tunnel models are more usual washing :

Enduro: Tunnel gentle wash to wash 50 to 70 cars per hour. This model is an excellent solution to start in the business of car washing block as well for anyone who does not want to start and a great investment for the entrepreneur looking for a future expansion of your business.

Pro Class: soft wash tunnel between 80 and 130 cars when washing. This ultra fast professional model is for those who have heavy workloads at particular times and must be able to work at high speed with special functions getting excellent finishes .
Signature: soft wash tunnel 90 to 150 cars per hour with the most advanced technology and design of the entire industry washing. We designed this new range for professional washing world looking for the best market for their smooth automatic washing .
In short , we offer a service tailored to each customer 's expectations with the experience of a company that leads the industry for over 40 years with over 23,000 machines in over 50 countries and trusted by companies like Abb , Bmw system BP , Budget Rental, Daewoo , Daimler Chrysler , Dollar Rent a car, ELF , EXXON , Ford Motor Company, General Motors , Toyota, Harley Davidson , Honda , Hyundai, Mercedes Benz , Mobil, Nissan , Philips , Renault, Shell , Subaru, Texaco , Total, Volkswagen , Volvo, Yamaha... among others.


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