Foam pods

Foam pods

The Single Foam Pod is a highly efficient single foaming applicator that requires “0” tunnel space. Because of its clever mounting collar, this pod can be easily incorporated anywhere in your tunnel's finishing area. Simply mount it to virtually any component leg or top beam and adjust to your desired foam consistency. With flexible installation positioning, this foam pod will intensify your foam show and get the foam exactly where you want it, when you want it. 

As with all Foam Pods, the Single Foam Pod is constructed with durable molded plastic, in your choice of red or blue, and delivers long trouble free performance.

The Triple Foam Pod delivers fabulous triple foam onto any vehicle with minimal waste. Proven to drive extra revenue, triple foam is a standard feature at almost all car washes. As with the Single Foam Pod, the Triple Foam Pod can be easily installed onto any piece of equipment and requires “0” tunnel space. Flexible mounting collar provides targeted triple foam where and when you want it to drive your revenue. The Triple Foam Pod is constructed with durable molded plastic, and is precision drilled with 36 holes at a 3/32” diameter. Each of the three separate foaming chambers contains a unique foam generator that creates exceptional foam with minimum chemical consumption. This combination gives the foam the ability to spread itself apart before reaching the vehicle for superior coverage.

Drive your revenue further by simply adding the optional Triple Foam Control Panel. With the Triple Foam Control Panel, you can program the Triple Foam Pod to provide single, double, or triple foam application based on the wash package your customer selects. This control system is assembled into two separate panels, an in-bay panel and a backroom panel. While both panels are needed for programming foam packages, the in-bay panel is provided as a value added configuration. It allows operators to visually see the air, water, and chemical adjustments from inside the wash bay.