The front-to-back mitter has a place in many tunnels. The challenge for some, is finding a good place for the mitter. Enter the Quad Wave Mitter, which delivers a full-sized clean in just seven feet of tunnel space. With four mitter racks each holding 12 rows of cloth, it cleans vehicle fronts, tops and backs with ease.

Also perfect for polishing applications, the Quad Wave Mitter delights customers with a synchronized 'show' as the cloth tips dance across the vehicle surface. At the same time, operators love the low-maintenance design of the robust aluminum framework with lube-free nylon bearing pivot points.

To help ensure a long service life and extended ROI, the Quad Wave Mitter also features a direct-drive motor and gearbox with a minimum of moving parts. Epoxy-coated and designed for wet environment operation, this drive unit delivers 'long haul' performance in even the most demanding wash tunnels.

With the 'built-in' durability of the Quad Wave Mitter, there is little maintenance to be done except for the periodic replacement of the mitter cloth. And with the unique 'wave' mitter basket design, new cloth is firmly 'locked' in position, ready for more of the washing and polishing the Quad Wave Mitter does best!