To wash the outside of vehicles (body and wheels) requires a high pressure gun with hot water if possible to win as long washing and above, 60 ° C will suffice. Also need to have a pump that provides at least 11 to 13 liters / min and not less than 100 bars.

Twenty model combines the qualities not only discussed, but will allow us to be more than enough not having to take it to the limit and thus getting extended life of the motor and pump. Is prepared to work a day without symptoms of fatigue.


In it we find the following features:


  • 150 bar at 1450 rpm.
  • 15 liters/minute.
  • Up to 120 º C temperature.
  • Pump with rod / crank.
  • Ceramic pistons.
  • Brass head.
  • Delayed Total Stop device.
  • Vertical boiler dry, high performance 15 l.
  • Thermostat for regulating ambient temperature.
  • Detergent suction low pressure through the lance.