Upholstery clean machine

Upholstery clean machine

To thoroughly clean upholstery need a good chemical (see section Eyna chemicals) and applying it through the gun at medium pressure on the tissues to be treated, if necessary brushes and collected all through the nozzle of the vacuum cleaner ready to liquids and 2 engines.

The C400 model is made of plastic resistant to all chemicals and is inserted into a cart with wheels, its store of soap for cleaning is 20 liters and the collection is the largest market with 72 liters also enables not have to be continuously emptying it. And it comes with a range of accessories necessary to access all areas of the vehicle.




  • By-pass motor with double insulation.
  • Water pump with double membrane self-priming.
  • Plastic tank, anti-shock resistant to chemicals.
  • Head in plastic anti-shock and muted with quick release fastening.
  • Float up to the overflow.
  • Car equipped with handle for travel.
  • Vuelcable tank for sewage.
  • The detergent tank can be removed.
  • DC outlet (max. 200 W).




  • Throw rugs washing stainless complete.
  • Full FLEX tube-tube connections Rissan rapid aspiration of detergent.