Drying for upholstery

Drying for upholstery

If you are looking for a certain production in the cleaning of upholstery the big problem is the time it takes to dry a vehicle for customer undeliverable, it was all wet and requires a few hours... 

Use a hot air generator that is powerful as Antares and upholstery can dry in 15 minutes.

Does not require much more space than a car deals and vent combustion never will go into the vehicle.




  • Sealed combustion chamber: combustion gases are expelled out through the chimney.
  • Model with trolley for easy transport.
  • Control of the flame through photoresist and device.
  • Safety thermostat for temperature.
  • Rugged metal frame painted with epoxy powders.
  • Combustion furnace of stainless steel.
  • Cooling thermostat.
  • Selector switch for manual or automatic via the room thermostat.
  • Equipped for the pipeline.
  • IP44 degree of isolation.
  • Suitable for indoors.