Open self service car wash

Open self service car wash

Include 3 wash programs: soap (powder) with high pressure and hot water, rinse and Gloss finish with RO water and hot or cold wax.




  • Technical Chamber of dimensions 245 cm wide x 600 cm long x 260 cm made of galvanized steel 3 mm thick, reinforced structure, rock wool insulation of 10 cm, and coated with waterproof polyurethane panels 5 cm in thickness and insulated metal gate dimensions 200 cm x 105 cm.
  • All arches, beams, brackets and metal parts of the structure are hot dip galvanized.
  • Side panels 30 mm sandwich sheet metal with perimetric separation.
  • Round type digital wallet available to work with up to 6 different coins with walk -Stand on a racetrack wash dual security system safe anchorage type offering maximum guarantees.
  • Spears wash ceramic nozzles and support in stainless steel lance (Mosmatic Switzerland).
  • Moaning gun to avoid damaging the pressure pump with stainless spear and insulation grip with angled tip 0.90 m long with patented safety system . (R+M Suttner Germany).
  • 2 rotary Fittings for stainless steel track (Mosmatic Switzerland).
  • Wash arm in stainless steel 360 and 1.45 m in length.
  • Runway lighting washing with 4 separate lights of 36 W each integrated into the enclosure itself.
  • The night runway lighting wash lights automatically by the system LUXOMAT cells.
  • The lighting in the room is by switch technique.
  • Posters with operating and program menu 100 cm x 100 cm each washing track.
  • Side panels with adhesive high quality personalized customer division.




  • Equipped with 350 CAT pumps 13 liters / min and 945 rpm with pressure regulators and pressure gauge for greater control. (Made in Japan).
  • Phase motors 2.2 KW 400 V per track with anti- vibration mounts.
  • Support structure that allows easy access to work comfortably in maintenance.
  • Grundfos 2 pumps for mains water and desalinated water (4 bays we included 3 pumps).
  • 3 Electro valves at the inlet of each pump brand Danfoss (Swedish).
  • Floats electronic deposits (2 for 4 bays washing).
  • Water connection with self-purging filter.
  • Tap water filtered through stainless steel filter with replaceable cartridge 50 microns.
  • Team duplex softener volume control electronics of 5,000 l / min . (Up to 4 bays of washing).
  • Dechlorinator to protect osmosis membrane.
  • Reverse Osmosis group with activated carbon filter , pump and electronic control system .
  • Water heating boiler with burner and Acv accumulator and gas or diesel operation KW 25-45 (made in Belgium).
  • All electronics are housed in a cabinet that includes touchscreen Siemens that controls all functions of the center include washing and protection for each motor independently and where you can quickly and easily access to each element.
  • Soap powder hopper made of stainless steel stirrer with electronic system, electronic float, stainless spiral and the possibility to adjust the desired amount of soap in grams.
  • Program wax with separate metering pump for washing each bay (for operation with cold or hot water).
  • Anti freeze automatic with control from the touch screen and solenoid valves.
  • Ready to operate remotely from mobile or PC.
  • Manageable payment preferences and billing from the touch screen. (With pin code protected).
  • Accountants work reading partial and full track by each washing.
  • In case of failure the drawings, diagrams and explanations are given serve to solve the 90% of failures.
  • 2 tanks of 700 liter polyethylene osmosis and soft water. (For up to 4 tracks of washing).
  • Hydraulic and electrical installation in engine room.




  • Fastening clips to catch the Mouse vehicles on tracks screens manufactured by Mosmatic wash stainless steel.
  • Further washing program with water before the wax.
  • Program additional wash with glossy wax.
  • Additional wash program for cleaning wheels and tires.
  • Program additional wash with special soft wash brush .
  • Program additional independent foaming wash gun.
  • Complete installation for connection to underfloor heating with special regulators.
  • Magnetic key.
  • Magnetic key reader on a racetrack wash.
  • Magnetic key reader on the machine to recharge rate.
  • Refueling machine magnetic key for interior (bench).
  • Double extra lighting for each job. (System LUXOMAT).