Compact self service car wash

Compact self service car wash

All the box containing the equipment is completely made of heavy gauge stainless steel to provide strength and longevity of the machine. Thus endure any harshness, temperature, corrosion without having to do treatments or maintenance.


Inside is accessed via a door on each side with double safety lock, where we find a computer that provides up to 6 different programs: clean wheels, pre-washing with soap, foaming brush, rinse, wax Clear coat, and final rinse cold water or osmosis.




  • Stainless steel case.
  • Smart Box with Stainless Steel Wallet (From sheet 3 mm thick with measures 45 x 30 x 20 cm) prepared for up to 7 possible programs + Stop screen countdown timer, acceptor up to 12 different coins or tokens, heater - internal dryer, double lock, cash drawer independently and anti lever to alarm time.
  • Features Washing, waxing and high pressure rinsing.
  • Foam brush system.
  • Wheel cleaning program / low pressure engine.
  • Poster color instructions.
  • Voltage 220 to 50 Hz three phase
  • Tried and tested in factory
  • Spear gun and stainless steel supports
  • Stainless Steel Wallet anti selector lever 8 rotating positions.
  • Easy access door to machinery.
  • 3 HP three-phase motor.
  • CAT Pump 5CP2120 of 13 liters / minute
  • Direct pulley system
  • The equipment may be used from multiple places at once.


Dimensions: 86 x 81 x 178 cm