Freestyler rollover

Freestyler rollover

I thought to enhance the experience wash customers , has been built with an overhead support structure . This design on the top not only provides spacious and inviting to track wash improving customer experience to feel claustrophobic but also ensures a more fluid and less potential for typical problems involving dirt operation water, or chemicals and ice.

The design of this bridge wash washing capacity allows up to 25 vehicles / hour with soft textile brushes with its 5 wash brushes offer a smooth movement and a result of superior cleaning vehicles . The horizontal brush incorporates a patented counterbalance system that eliminates the possibility of damage to vehicles and can be customized colors , logos and finished image of each client. Its options include triple color foam or Wheel Stinger , a cleaning system equipped with 19 wheels high impact nozzles with a pendulum motion that provides outstanding cleaning performance wheels and tires.

Starting from the idea of solving the most troubled areas in the operation and maintenance of a bridge traditional washing , we have moved to a technical room adjacent parts that can potentially damage , give errors or stop proper operation , achieving a comfortable accessibility and less maintenance at the same time faster and easier without specific tools.

We have also improved the bearings and gearbox that requires greasing . The starting and stopping of the engine is smooth and progressive . The customer can easily set and change by the display among eight different wash programs within minutes quickly adapted to the demand for flushing the queue.

And our wash systems combine developed to be easy on your daily and easy use in repair making them a unique and attractive to the customers.

We only work with the best materials and components available in the market and use structures 6061 , the same used in the construction of aircraft for its exceptional features high strength, long life and ease of cleaning. Even after several years our machines still look new!

In short , we offer a service tailored to each customer 's expectations with the experience of a company that leads the industry for over 40 years with over 23,000 machines in over 50 countries and more than 100 million turnover.