Saber touch less automatic wash

Saber touch less automatic wash

The Saber moves gently up and down on rails which are supported at a height of 4 meters by a structure made of aluminum 4 legs supporting him and allowing machinery such as motors and gears remain in the top protected within breastplate of the embellishing machine and therefore away from dirt and direct water that would shorten their lives as they just going to other systems.

Once made washing machine reading to know the dimensions of the vehicle , there are 2 articulated arms are turning around and doing the various vehicle functions such as prewash , wash, rinse and Waxing with Osmosis , design is free and open type never are creating claustrophobic and electric traction without lubrication, to reduce complexity and not have to make any maintenance. The only "homework" that must be made from time to time will clean the support structure as it deserves to highlight this washing machine without contact...

Besides , in your washing... You can put your own logo or company brand! The Saber allows you to configure all accessories in colors and personalize it with your own images.


Main technical features as standard :

  • Incorporates VPS ( virtual positioning system ) that requires 15 % less time to process the characteristics of each vehicle other machines without contact.
  • It comes standard with the HVO wash package that allows more than 24 cars in 1 hour with a perfect balance between speed and cleanliness.
  • The Saber is able to control and make the most optimal pressure at all times CAT pump and boiler Super Heat 12000 available for each chemical pumps , water treatment Pur Clean, the prewashed , the best angles of attack with rotating arms ... and much more , for having the best high pressure washing!
  • The swing arms are 100 % free . They are very easy to repair if necessary by a water leak ... etc .
  • The bearings are greased for life and not having to worry about the oil on the machine.
  • The starting and stopping of the engine is 100 % smooth and lengthen life and drive holy repair or replacement costs .
  • All repair parts are easily accessible for quick and easy on the washing machine maintenance.
  • Thanks to its design , in a crash and / or broken arm can be arranged in seconds without having to buy new parts .
  • The gearbox does not need lubrication so does reduce lost time and money spent .
  • Also, its flexibility is unmatched for programming the machine using the keyboard that lets you easily switch among 8 different wash programs in minutes quickly adapt to changes in real-time queues .
  • There is a possibility as an option to include a touch screen with software programming for remote control from a web page allowing access to data and reports of the day from anywhere in the world.
  • Thanks to the radial movement of the arm when applying chemical falls on the car just not wasting it to fall.