Transit wash systems

Transit wash systems

From today it is possible to wash trucks and buses vigorously and saving huge costs. We present a new washing system for trucks, coaches and buses by brush friction and washing systems without contact using high pressure water.

Our hybrid wash system offers maximum cleaning power with minimal water use and minimizing power consumption content also needs chemicals.

The elements for washing with high pressure are specifically adapted for washing trucks and buses and are totally new concepts , allowing access to the most difficult areas for brushes and always with reclaimed water (up to 85%) but with a new technology not corrodes the metal parts of vehicles and machinery does not deteriorate while painting.

All this is made possible by incorporating motors with patented control systems adjust the consumption of resources.

This utility bus is soft to the touch and not grate while reducing costs 60% less than other systems that existed until now , as the water runs only when the vehicle is front and reactions are very fast machinery . In this way we get to wash a truck or a bus involving the same amount of water a household full bathtub for a toddler because it uses 190 liters of mains water per wash using tap water applications only soaps and rinsed.