Water treatment


Our water treatment system consists of the following equipment:



Equipment for filtration and sludge suspension turbidity up to 30 microns composed of fiberglass bottle GRP with their respective upper and lower distributors.

With automatic cleaning valve head 1 "Automatic 3-position (service, backwash, rinse) with electromechanical programmer time.



Equipment for the removal of chlorine bottle composed of fiberglass GRP with their respective upper and lower distributors. With automatic cleaning valve head 1 "3-position automatic (served, washing, rinsing) with electromechanical programmer time.



The descaling is performed by ion exchange resins, which retain the calcium and magnesium content in water, eliminating the fouling effect originating lime deposits in ducts and machinery. We propose to install a softener TWIN. TWIN system is formed by two columns of resin, an operator controlling the process of regeneration and a storage tank salt. The automation system is the alternative operation of the equipment, obtaining soft water 24 hours a day.



The prefiltered water chemically conditioned and fed to the security filter is designed to retain particles that can leak or dual filters that are introduced with the chemical, protecting pressure pumps and RO membranes The micro filtration is carried out by use of a cartridge filter cartridges and provided with standard manufacturing grade 5 or filtration. It is done with two sticks of 1 "and 5 micron 20" in length. At the end of the filtration of pretreated water security must submit an SDI equal to or less than 0.1 ppm. Perfectly conditioned water, reaches the pumping system of high pressure, which propels the RO membranes The water to be treated has a natural osmotic pressure of about 1.2 Kg / cm 2. This natural pressure plus the net pressure necessary for obtaining the calculated output, referred to as operating pressure, in our case and in the design conditions is 7 Kg/cm2 and obtained by the use of vertical centrifugal pumps. This is one of the most important parts of the computer because it is the only permanent moving mechanical element, which determines the maintenance of equipment and cost of m3 of treated water in terms of consumed energy. The pumping system proposed consists of multistage centrifugal pumps of vertical siposición, built in stainless steel AISI-304.


RO membrane system:

In the membranes of O.I. is where there is water desalination to treat and represents the most important part of the team, which must protect and care for the maximum expected return for the installation.

The membranes are mounted inside the pressure vessel arranged in series.

The system consists of low pressure membrane diameter of 4 "and 40" long constructed of polyamide TFC, for a nominal output of 24 m3 / d and disposed of 95% salt. These membranes are mounted in a container constructed in FRP designed at a pressure of 20 kg/cm2, of a membrane unit.

The water produced by each membrane is in the central collector of each container of membranes, which are led to a permeate manifold constructed in general PVC, which is controlled in flow rate and the quality produced, being led directly to the final accumulation. The reject water is collected from each container in a general manifold and through a control valve adjusts the recovery of the equipment by continuous measurement of the flow of reject water.

All high pressure pipes are made of polyamide.



All osmosis equipment that have a chemical pretreatment, it is necessary to make a "flusing" or scavenging membranes.



Includes electrical box maneuver commanded by microprocessor that will allow the programming of all operating parameters and external connections of levels, alarms, pretreatments, etc.. It includes a program of maintenance and washing of membranes which overrides all control sensors. Water entering the team is controlled by an automatic valve trim. Booster pumps are dry running protected via an adjustable pressure switch. It has concentrated control valves and recirculation rate in AISI-316 needle for optimum operating efficiency and quality of water they want. The product water flow rates, recirculation and rejection are measured continuously by rotameters online. The pressures are controlled by two pressure gauges in the prefilter and two gauges for supply and return of membranes. The source computer has a system of "flusing" (membrane washing) machine, with longer range and adjustable purge. Has intake valves feed and permeate samples. Equipment levels are of the type washing network. Unemployment up of the equipment is fully automatic and commanded by a level control to be placed in the treated water tank. At each stop of the equipment automatically produces a washing or "Flushing" installation. This "flushing" is vital to ensure the duration of the membranes.